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Clean Rooms l Pharmaceutical

Clean rooms play a critical role in safeguarding the integrity of sensitive processes, preventing contamination-related issues, and maintaining the purity of products. Their controlled environments provide a reliable foundation for industries that demand exceptional precision, safety, and consistency in their operations.

Our expertise in cleanroom panel, ceiling and door installation allows us to meet your requirements whether that is in the pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor, biotech, cosmetics and high-tech industries.

We can offer newbuild and refurbishment solutions for your facility tailored to your specific needs.

Pharmaceutical Warehouse Chill Room:  Janssen


A new warehouse chill room was required for this project which specific temperature control requirements.

Insulated wall panels would be installed on an existing finished floor slab.

Eco Safe environmentally sustainable panels with closed cell Quadcore insulation was used to construct the Chill room.

The wall and ceiling panels carry a Class 1 fire rating with both LPCB and FM approvals.

EFAFlex door with EFA Scan was to be included as well as personnel doors.

Key Features:


  • LPCB fire rated panels

  • FM approved Class 1 approved panels

  • 11,000mm High wall panels

Chillroom - MSD Bionx

The client's request was for the construction of a new coldroom within an existing facility for pharmaceutical manufacturing and research. 

On completion, this coldroom would be a free-standing coldroom.

A EFAFLEX roller door 2400mm height was installed as well as a Coolit Chill hinged door for personnel entry.

Key Features:


  • Installation was carried out in a live working environment  

Amgen Freezer Installation


The client required a modification to an existing room. The modification included a Chill lobby room as well as a -30°C Freezer chamber.

Included in the brief was floor insulation, pressure release valves, subfloor heater mat system, threshold heaters for doors, and void space heating.

Key Features:


  • Installation of new coldrooms and freezer for ingredient storage.

  • Installation of Coolit Doors in chill and freezer rooms.

  • Installation of fire rated insulated panels in cold and freezer room.

  • Coordination with other contractors from project concept stage to submissions  

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