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Protection Systems

The protection systems we offer are made from a high-performance synthetic polymer technology which is designed to protect employees, equipment and your assets.

Various systems are available to suit specific needs in the required space.

Protection systems are available in a foodsafe safe finish and suitable for temperatures between -40°C to +80°C 

The Protection Systems can be either solid or flexible depending on your requirements.

The solid safety barriers are made from a hard synthetic polymer that wraps around the robust steel rod anchor which provides a firm impact protection.

Flexible safety barriers uses a high performance, flexible synthetic polymer technology. This technology gives  increased elasticity, has a hollow construction, single threaded rod anchoring system which allows for the system to bend on impact. 

The flexible barriers absorbs and disperses the forces on impact to reduce injuries to drivers while keeping the damage to a minimum and keeping its shape.

Contact us to discuss your protection needs.

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