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Emco Projects uses the latest steel-faced composite panels with non-combustible mineral-fibre cores which are recognised as market leading products by the fire authorities and insurance companies.

With a faster install this form of construction is extensively used as a replacement for jumbo stud and traditional masonry construction.

With a high insulation value along with excellent acoustic and fire resistance properties this makes mineral fibre insulated panels the ideal solution for insulated wall and ceiling panels where fire rating is essential.

Mineral fibre insulated panels can provide up to 4 hour fire resistance once installed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and carry EN and FM (Factory Mutual) approval.

Typical uses for this form of construction:

Data centres

Data stores

Distribution centres

Pharmaceutical and research facilities

Retail and commercial facilities


In the temperature-controlled and clean environments an EI 60 fire rating can be achieved with steel faced PIR insulated panels installed in accordance with the manufacture’s recommendations, these panels carry EN and FM (Factory Mutual) approval.

Castlebrowne Office Firewalls


The purpose of this project was to convert the three ground floor shell units into office spaces in South West Business Park, Co. Dublin.

Works included the installation of Paroc fire rated panels in all three units.

Key Features:

  • Installation of Paroc AST L insulated panels with fire rating.

Dr. Pepper Beverage Manufacturing Facility


The scope of works was for the remodelling and alteration of a 20-year old, 30,000sqm distribution centre in Newbridge into a sophisticated beverage concentrate production facility.

Key Features:


  • Installation of new coldrooms and freezer for ingredient storage.

  • Installation of Coolit Doors in chill and freezer rooms.

  • Installation of fire rated insulated panels in cold and freezer room.

  • Coordination with other contractors from project concept stage to submissions

  • Installation of Kingspan cold store panel firewalls to the production area.

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